Ron Wohlgemuth
“My artworks are ‘DIGITAL HYBRIDS’… Running originally with images created conventionally (through drawing, painting, and/or photography), I then ‘plug-in’ the digital techniques that bring them to new places all over the visual map… -Ron Wohlgemuth
The end products can be extrapolated into other works where the images can be altered or combined with others. This cyclical goal ultimately has resulted in the creation of works that apply a 20th century aura with a 21st century technique.

Placing an emphasis on the symbiotic relationship of the digital and conventional “art worlds”, it is my goal to show the works I have created in the recent past which illustrate multi-media techniques brought to new levels through technology. Painting, drawing, and photographic origins have been the vehicles that initiated a vast arena of experimental possibilities for me.

As a result of this ongoing discovery process, I would like to show my works in such a way that, as eclectic as they may appear, there is a strong connection between traditional styles and current methods of art production.

Collectively, I view my recent accomplishments as a ‘playground of expression’ where the viewer gets to participate in the imagery in a ‘fun’ and ‘limitless’ manner.
7-Rooms of Gloom
Facades of Atalaya
I Can See Clearly Now
Mystical Blocks with Inner Light Shows
View from the Really Big Shew

When the Windmills of Your Mind Meet the Shadow of Your Smile

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