Peter Bellhouse
This is a once in a life-time gig. I have two little boys and I said 'You know what? Let me show them how to build a bridge from the ground up.' -- Peter Bellhouse

Peter brings his unique perspective as a laborer on the Mario Cuomo/Tappan Zee bridge project to his photographs. Working as the batch-plant foreman, Peter worked on the new Tappan Zee Bridge Project for four and a half years. During construction, Peter was able to take photographs from vantage points that few people were able to achieve. As he shot day after day, he developed a chronology of the progress of this massive structure, which was the largest construction project in the nation.

Through the help and curation of Julie Scholz, Peter was able to show his photographs in a critically acclaimed photography exhibit "New Bridge Rising".

Peter grew up in Dobbs Ferry. He and his wife Kwan have owned Kwan Thai Restaurant in Pearl River, NY for 14 years - she is the chef.

They live in Pearl River with their 2 young sons.






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