Harry Martin
It's all about how the light and the water interact and play together. That's what makes this series unique. People do a double take and start their own conversation about the shot. Before they know it they’re making up their own story about the photograph. I love when people get involved and create their own story about my work. -- Harry Martin
Harry is a two-time Emmy award winning TV journalist.  He most recently he anchored The 10 O'Clock News at My9 (WWOR), and The 6 PM News on Fox 5 New York (WNYW).  Before joining Fox News in 1997, Harry anchored Eyewitness News This Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon on WABC-TV in New York.

Harry began his career in broadcasting as a news photographer, shooting 16 mm film and then some of the first video tape in the TV news industry. He continues to follow his passion for photography today, self- publishing more than a half dozen travel photography books: (Kenya, The Galapagos, Italy, Greece, and London).

Harry's newest project, "Harry Martin Underwater" combines his unique skills of street photography and love of underwater photography into a new genre, Underwater Glam & Fashion.

“There’s a wonderful organic quality to the photographs that engages people", says Harry. "They always seem to take a second look, and then a third and a fourth. They debate and ask: 'Is that really underwater?'   Before they know it they’re making up their own story about the shot.  They get involved and start their own conversation with my work.” As a pre-med student, Harry  graduated from Albright College with a degree in psychology and biology. He is a recipient of the college's Distinguished Alumni Award.

Throughout his 40 year career in broadcasting, he has covered every presidential race since Jimmy Carter.  (While C.I.A. director, George H.W. Bush once told Harry that he would never run for President of the United States.)  With his love of politics, Harry was particularly excited to cover several Democratic and Republican National political conventions. He reported on then-Senator Barack Obama's stepping into the national spotlight in Boston in 2004, and reported on Obama's nomination in the Presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012.

Chantal in Purple Silk
24 x 36 Photograph on Canvas

French Vogue
24 x 36 Photograph on Canvas

Amy Covers white Flowers
24 x 36 Photograph on Canvas
Amy in Gold and Purple
24 x 36 Photograph on Canvas
Mirror, Mirror - Evil Queen
24 x 36 Photograph on Canvas
Juliette Picking Flowers
24 x 36 Photograph on Canvas
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p: 917-359-4341
e: hmartin5@csi.com
w: harrymartinunderwater.com

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