Elaine Greene
By deconstructing and then reorganizing reclaimed cardboard and paper, I create mixed media collage and assemblage. I build each piece thinking of shape, color and pattern and how they all interact with one another creating movement and energy. -- Elaine Greene

The complexity of the process is what I enjoy the most. I have been influenced by Rauschenberg's use of nontraditional materials, Nevelson's wall installations and Matisse's use of pattern and color.

The pictorial narrative is secondary to my overall concerns. As the piece obtains structure, it dictates the color and texture that will make it whole. I start with either a piece of cardboard that intrigues me or paper whose color has caught my eye.  As the shape of the art takes place, it triggers memories from some part of my life.  A subject emerges and the piece takes off.  Most of my artwork is abstract but I always relate to it on a personal level.

My work has been shown in regional and national exhibitions.  It is included in private collections in California, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York and Florida.  I have a BFA from Fordham University and have studied at SVA, NYU, Parson School of Design and the Art Students League of NY.

Fly fishing in America
collage on canvas



Unexpected Views

Collage on Canvas

Intertwined II
Mixed Media Assemblage


Collage on Canvas

Constant Craving


European Countryside

collage on canvas

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