Carol Caruso
In my paintings and prints I use elements from the world which surround me. I like painting people engaged in activities. Some are like snapshots - scenes of daily life. Although they are personal, they are not exclusively autobiographical. Others are more complicated, often with religious or mythological themes.
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I consider my works to be narrative and I seek to create a unique world where imagination and reality are melded into a new experience. My work varies in scope from small, quick studies directly from life to more ambitious and complex stories with multiple figures.

These works generally present a re-creation of an event in which I use elements from my other paintings, from current culture and from art history. With the aids of memory and imagination I seek to amplify feelings and insights which are commonly held but often buried beneath the humdrum activities of daily life.

Originally from Galveston, Texas, I spent my early years in the western US and moved to New Orleans, LA during childhood. I attended college at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I loved the culture of south Louisiana where I grew up-its classical architecture and beauty and devout Roman Catholicism, its undercurrent of Caribbean rhythms and African dance: its laissez-faire attitude toward living. These themes continue to influence my work today. After living in various locations in the US including Minneapolis, MN and Durham, NC; my family and I relocated to Paris, France, where I studied with Stanley William Hayter at his printmaking studio, Atelier 17.

I then moved to upstate New York with my husband and three sons, where my surroundings continued to shape my work. It was there that I decided to focus on the tradition of painterly realism. Influences include American painters: Jane Freilcher, Paul Georges, Wayne Thiebaud, Neil Welliver, Leland Bell and Fairfield Porter.

I currently have studio space in downtown Schenectady, NY and have work in the permanent collection of the Albany Institute of History and Art as well as in private collections in the United States.

I have shown my work in juried shows such as the Hudson Mohawk Regional, in the Albany Institute of History and Art, the Saratoga Arts Center, The Bowery Gallery and in the East End Arts Gallery in Riverhead, NY.
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