Flywheel Gallery

June 6th - June 23rd, 2019


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Fernande Lipton, Artist

Susan Donnellan

Fernande's artistic life was dramatically altered when she was commissioned to create an oil painting depicting the events of The Gulf War in 1991. Her historical work led to a series of prints -- many of which were acquired by individuals in government and entertainment. Ultimately, her initial print was selected by President George H.W. Walker Bush for his Presidential Library.

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Behind the Scenes with Our Artists

Meet Our Artists

Mitch Rosen

"I am a self-taught artist with a passion for vivid realism. My medium is color pencil and it is applied in magnified detail to offer a naturalistic, descriptive style..."

Linnea Pergola

The art world has taken me in many directions with many publishers, such as Martin Lawrence Galleries, CA and John Szoke Editions, NY. My spirit of adventure comes to life through my paintbrush. - Linnea Pergola

Carol Caruso

" I like painting people engaged in activities. Some are like snapshots - scenes of daily life. Although they are personal, they are not exclusively autobiographical..."