J. Alexander Baker

"In The Eye of the Beholder"

July 20th - August 6th, 2017

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Meet Our New Artists

Kelly Wang

"My art is the way I express my feelings, my philosophy, the landscape of my mind, where words cannot. Ink and paper are my tools..."

Mario Porto

"I try not to impose my opinions or feelings about a subject but prefer to present it in the simplest and most straightforward way possible..."

Mario Merchan

"I draw much of the inspiration for my work from memories of my childhood in Ecuador, I am equally inspired by the experiences of every day life..."

J. Alexander Baker

"As a child, I sat in the dusty light of my grandfather’s attic, pouring over his collection of old National Geographic and Life magazines. I fell in love with the evocative images of the world..."

Hye Choi

"I create my paintings by applying a think layer of acrylic paint and then scratching and peeling off chunks of the paint from the canvas. This created a sense of passing time..."

Agnes Collis

"The colors of the Cape, the reflected light and the simplicity of nature’s forms move me to explore and create rich visual experiences that capture the changing energy of the ocean..."